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Get Ready to Make Mondays Magnificent!

What would your leadership style look like if you were free to be genuinely yourself?

Here's a secret traditional leadership models don't want you to know:

There's no single roadmap to becoming a great leader.

Yes, you can learn the principles of leadership. But truly great leaders—maverick leaders—create their own roadmaps. They find the courage and confidence to take those leadership principles and adapt them to their authentic style.

They break the mold (in all the right ways) to forge their own leadership model that leads to greater innovation, stronger teams, boosted productivity, and remarkable outcomes.

Do you want to know an even bigger secret? You can, too.

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Do you feel like a circle forced to fit into a square leadership hole?

Are you being forced into your organization's obsolete leadership model? If you're feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, overlooked, or underutilized in your leadership role, you're not alone.

Research shows leaders around the country are underdeveloped, made to fit an outdated model of leadership that benefits the organization, not the people.

But studies also show that the most successful leaders surround themselves with those who'll challenge them to grow and achieve their best—at work, home, and play.

Liberate your leadership potential today.

Are you feeling directionless, trying to decide which path to take to get the career you want?

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re hitting the right leadership goals, or following the right path to career progression, but don’t know where to turn for answers, we’ve got something vital to tell you.

While there might not be a single roadmap to brilliant leadership, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the support you need along the way.

We’re not going to map out your path for you. We’re not going to tell you if you do X, Y, & Z you’ll find your leadership mojo. Made Maverick isn’t that kind of leadership community.

But we will connect you with others who want to do leadership differently and are actively working out how to make that happen.

In our experience, Maverick leaders have everything they need within, right here, right now. All that’s required is the confidence to be the leader you want to be (even if that doesn’t look like any other kind of leader you’ve seen before).

At Made Maverick, you can ask juicy questions, float your big audacious ideas, hear how others have navigated the path before you, and help those who’re just starting out. Together we can make amazing things happen.

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Why we want to Make Mondays Magnificent

The real truth is simple but incredibly powerful…maverick leaders don't do leadership alone.

You can never do everything by yourself, no matter how talented or smart you are. Great leaders know that learning from others treading the same path, and holding each other accountable, is the most effective way to better your leadership craft.

We believe leaders make Mondays (and every day, for that matter) miserable when there's a disconnect between who they are and how they're supposed to show up.

We want to see more Magnificent Mondays. So, we created a community of maverick leaders to do just that.

The Maverick Collective helps you:

  • Get clear and strong in your leadership voice
  • Define what matters to you and develop skills that take you where you want to go
  • Discover your unique superpowers and how to wield them for the good of your team
  • Be energized by difference, not for difference-sake but because you want to make a difference
  • Bring your authentic self to achieve everything you set your mind to

We designed Made Maverick to give you the connections, frameworks, encouragement, and support to achieve everything you want from life and leadership.

Learn from others who've dared to ask 'why?' and 'why not?' Discover their stories, ask their advice, and map your unique journey to success.

Find your authentic leadership voice. Bring your true self to the table and take control of your future. Become the leader you were always meant to be.

Become part of a community of leaders who don't settle for the status quo.

Join us!

Phenomenally successful people believe they can learn something from everybody. I call them 'mavericks with mentors.' Richard Branson, for instance, is a total maverick, but he surrounds himself with incredibly successful, smart people, and he listens to them.
- Brendan Bourchard

Your Made Maverick membership

Get access to other growth-minded, super successful maverick leaders who'll support your leadership journey. It's time to choose your own adventure.

  • Join a community of maverick leaders like you who'll support you and keep you accountable on your leadership journey.
  • Build relationships with leaders from all different sectors and organizational levels.
  • Address your real-life issues in peer coaching groups.
  • Discover your Leadership Essentials with a two-month guided program covering the core skills of leading yourself and others.
  • Get access to our core course for the life of your membership. Our Your Leadership Voice course shows you the proven step-by-step process to clarify and strengthen your voice, based on the first book in the Rebel Leader's Field Guide series.
  • Follow our Leadership Navigation System. We've distilled 61 courses, 837 business/leadership books, 25 years of consulting, a decade of mentoring, and a Master's in Organizational Leadership into simple, powerful lessons, so you can create your unique Leadership Growth Path to fast-track your future success.
  • Uncover new ways to have fun! We believe in enjoying life along the journey. That's why we've made "Live Juicy" our theme at Made Maverick. We want you to squeeze every drop out of life and live it to the fullest!

How it works

Made Maverick is where growth-minded leaders chart their course.

It's a private, secure platform and mobile app that gives you a safe space to explore your leadership path.

It's designed so you can tailor your experience based on your career path, burning leadership questions and dreams to break the mold, think beyond the box, and live juicy.

Choose your own leadership adventure in 3 ways:

  • Maverick Collective. Connect with other Mavericks via our app and connect with a community that shares your interests.
  • Maverick Meet-Ups. Attend fun live events. Network with other Mavericks. Learn how to up your leadership game.
  • Maverick Mastermind. Work one-on-one with a leadership coach to get the skinny on your unique leadership style. Explore roadblocks and smash through them with ease.

6 ways you'll find this leadership community amazing...

  1. It's created with intention. Our primary feed is like a blog but more dynamic and purposefully interactive. You'll find resources shared as quick posts and longer thoughts or how-to's shared as articles—and you'll benefit from the expertise and experience of everyone who chooses to share.
  2. You can customize your experience. As the Made Maverick community evolves together, we'll add private groups on specific topics for deeper conversations. Keep your feed focused by turning off what's irrelevant to your life and leadership.
  3. You can connect your way with leaders who expose you to new ideas, challenge you to think creatively and make you rethink what you know. Build relationships with fascinating leaders who'll grow with you on your journey. Create prosperous partnerships and deep connections.
  4. It's a safe place to ask questions, experiment with ideas, learn about yourself, and grow in your leadership without fear of judgment or rejection.
  5. It's a focused environment to accelerate learning and networking. No capricious content, opinion-rich/fact-poor discussions, or immature members. Our hosted community is free of hate, hype, distractions, and non-starters.
  6. We bring together content and community. Define your unique path and build your skills alongside other leaders. Dive into the topics and related resources, ask questions, and share your challenges and expertise, all within Made Maverick.

Share your brilliance. Elevate your potential. Own your leadership journey.

Join us now.

Our Maverick journey

We've built companies, consulted for Fortune 100s, led teams, traveled the world, boosted bottom lines, and navigated complex change.

Along the way, we've helped 1000+ leaders with our proven process across countless workshops and mentoring sessions.

How? We used our 25 years of lived, juicy leadership experience and distilled the wisdom of 61 courses, 837 leadership books, and a Master's in Organizational Leadership into simple, powerful lessons that help you find your authentic leadership voice—not just in business but in life.

We want the world to be a better place. We want companies to be led by men and women who use their authentic leadership voice to call their teams to a higher purpose. And we want to support you in your maverick leadership journey.

Your membership matters.

Throughout our leadership journey, we've noticed that it's leaders who make the difference. Leaders make Mondays (and all week long for that matter!) either Miserable or Magnificent.

We want to see more Magnificent Mondays. Invest in yourself to make a difference in your life, leadership, and the world around you. When you invest in yourself, you invest in others because of the impact you will make.

Let’s Make Mondays Magnificent

Take control of your future and create a fulfilling life—join ambitious, growth-minded leaders just like you inside Made Maverick today!

Together we can make it happen. Join now.

Member feedback from our community

“I became interim CEO for an organization facing several crises. Genuinely, I didn’t know where to start as our board was a mess, distrust was rampant on our staff, and we were hemorrhaging money. Now three years later as CEO, our board is an asset to our organization and future, the staff is healthy and growing, and the success in fundraising the past three years erased the deficit spending of the prior five years. However, working with Scott has been about so much more than just outcomes and a healthy organization. I’ve learned how to cast vision and lead change. I’ve become confident in who I am as a leader. I look forward to my coaching sessions because I always leave confident, clear-headed, and with a next step towards where I want to go and who I want to be. I've been a part of this community and experienced the impact of 1:1 Coaching from Scott, I cannot recommend being a part of this community enough.”

- John Darnell

“The best part of this community is the learning and growth that happens. It has been a great experience to give back, mentor other leaders, and contribute ideas and insights. There are so many opportunities to support each other in learning and development. There is no other place quite like this community within the leadership development space.” 

- Kirk Botula

“I started as a Community Member before I became Community Manager! I truly believe in the power of this community for transformation – because I lived it. Brighton was a major player in learning myself, more targeted leadership skills, and feeling empowered in my unique leadership style. In this community, I had other leaders who offered insight, coaching, feedback, and support. The more I aligned my leadership to my values, the more skills I learned and practiced, and the more support I received, the more I saw success – at work, but also in my personal life! One of the best decisions I made in my life and career was to join this community.” 

- Jamie Morriss-Benoit

My leadership journey can be defined as BD/AD. Before Donna & After Donna. Her ability to listen beneath what I am saying, synthesize my thoughts, and help me craft a life-changing plan has transformed my leadership and my life." 

- Kourtney Street

You belong here! For the practical support. Deep sense of community. And most importantly, you belong in this community where you can be your authentic self as you grow in your leadership. We like to have fun, learn from seasoned professionals, and engage in meaningful conversation all at the same time! I knew I had something to contribute. That my insights would be valued. And, hey, even my own quirky sense of humor was appreciated. When you join this community, you’ll find others who care about leading well in their own unique way, and that makes all the difference. 

- Clint Beilke


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Build a clear strategy that uses your unique gifts and talents to get where you want to go. Be empowered by a dynamic community of leaders who forge their own paths. Focus on what matters most—leave an impactful legacy and lead a meaningful life.

Make your own leadership roadmap today with Made Maverick.

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