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Career advancement in community. Own your development, design your future, and fast-track your career!

Be the leader your team (and the world) needs. Join the Made Maverick Career Advancement Community -- it's your place to accelerate your career with learning, coaching and inspiring relationships.

What would it look like if you were free to be genuinely yourself at work? 

You want to be recognized for your potential, find your purpose, move forward in your career and live a vibrant, authentic, meaningful life.

There's no single roadmap to becoming a great leader.

Whether or not you see yourself as a leader, determining your purpose, defining your values and developing essential leadership skills is the surest way to stand out, build a meaningful life and make a difference.

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Phenomenally successful people believe they can learn something from everybody. I call them 'mavericks with mentors.' Richard Branson, for instance, is a total maverick, but he surrounds himself with incredibly successful, smart people, and he listens to them.
- Brendan Bourchard

How it works

Our Maverick journey

Hi, we're Donna Brighton and Scott Beilke. We've built companies, consulted for Fortune 100s, led teams, traveled the world, boosted bottom lines, and navigated complex change.

Along the way, we've helped 1000+ leaders with our proven process across countless workshops and mentoring sessions.

How? We used our 25 years of lived, juicy leadership experience and distilled the wisdom of 61 courses, 837 leadership books, and a Master's in Organizational Leadership into simple, powerful lessons that help you find your authentic leadership voice—not just in business but in life.

We’ve had weird, wonderful, winding careers that ultimately led to living our purpose and doing work that we love. It took us several decades to get here.

We want to shortcut that for you.

Connect to your authentic self and your leadership purpose…increase your joy, make a difference, and love your life.

Along the way, you will achieve success on your terms.

This can take decades like it did for us. Or you can fast-track your future and learn from us and others who have powerful learning to share.

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Members' Maverick Journeys

“I became interim CEO for an organization facing several crises. Genuinely, I didn’t know where to start as our board was a mess, distrust was rampant on our staff, and we were hemorrhaging money. Now three years later as CEO, our board is an asset to our organization and future, the staff is healthy and growing, and the success in fundraising the past three years erased the deficit spending of the prior five years...Working with Scott has help me tremendously...I cannot recommend being a part of this community enough.” - John Darnell


“The best part of this community is the learning and growth that happens. It has been a great experience to give back, mentor other leaders, and contribute ideas and insights. There are so many opportunities to support each other in learning and development. There is no other place quite like this community within the leadership development space.” - Kirk Botula

“I started as a Community Member before I became Community Manager! I truly believe in the power of this community for transformation – because I lived it. Brighton was a major player in learning myself, more targeted leadership skills, and feeling empowered in my unique leadership style. In this community, I had other leaders who offered insight, coaching, feedback, and support. One of the best decisions I made in my life and career was to join this community.” - Jamie Morriss-Benoit

My leadership journey can be defined as BD/AD. Before Donna & After Donna. Her ability to listen beneath what I am saying, synthesize my thoughts, and help me craft a life-changing plan has transformed my leadership and my life." - Kourtney Street

You belong here! For the practical support. Deep sense of community. And most importantly, you belong in this community where you can be your authentic self as you grow in your leadership. We like to have fun, learn from seasoned professionals, and engage in meaningful conversation all at the same time!- Clint Beilke

You are Made Maverick! 

Are you ready to be You?

Build a clear strategy that uses your unique gifts and talents to get where you want to go. Be empowered by a dynamic community of leaders who forge their own paths. Focus on what matters most—leave an impactful legacy and lead a meaningful life.

Build and chart your own career path with Made Maverick.

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